Monday, October 27, 2008

Election Party!

So, the Sherbs and I are planning an election results-watching party. I want the party to have election-themed foods, but I have some difficulty with foods related to the vice presidential candidates.

My tentative munchies menu is as follows:
  1. Obama-themed food: Vegetarian "Hawaiian" pizza - pizza with fake ham and pineapple. Combines Obama's Hawaiian and Chicago heritage, plus those doubts that pineapple on pizza is "real" pizza are equivalent to some critics' take on Obama's ethnicity.
  2. McCain-themed food: Vietnamese spring rolls. There was a really tasty-looking recipe in Vegetarian Times, and McCain does occasionally mention that he spent some time in Vietnam.
  3. Palin-themed food: Baked Alaska (maybe). Baked Alaska is kind of hard to make, plus it's a little lazy. I may do a chocolate mousse instead, but that's merely a pun, and not very clever. I did a search on Russian snacks, for an "I can see Russian snacks from here" joke, but most Russian snacks involve foods that make the Sherbs gag, like salted fish or fish eggs.
  4. Biden-themed food: California rolls (maybe). Neither Scranton nor Wilmington has a famous local food. Delaware sort of has crab, so we could do imitation crabmeat, but no one really wants to eat that as is. So, California rolls.
If anyone has better VP foods in mind, let us know.


s_baghaii said...

Alaskan Smoked Salmon?

Gramarye said...

I vote for blini, as far as Russian-themed foods go. And there's always Moose Munch from Harry and David's.

Would shoofly pie be sufficiently Pennsylvanian for Biden?

bluesleepy said...

I was voting for Alaska smoked salmon as well, but I wasn't sure if y'all ate fish. There are a ton of Pennsylvania Dutch snacks you could make; I found this link online.

punny said...

Well, since Biden is Irish and is known for his quirky sense of humor I'd go with corned beef and cabbage. People have called him "corny" before...

Celeste Winant said...

How about somedthing made with puff pastry for Biden? (Disclaimer - I'm a big Obama-Biden supporter!)

For Palin - um, sweet-n-sour pork (lipstick on a pig?) Caribou Coffee products?