Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tapas Success!

The party went well.

The best tortilla espaƱola recipe is the one with the cheese and spinach in it. It was super-tasty.

Also, the Sherbs is the new household queen of patatas bravas. She makes great spicy potatoes.

As for me, let me share my recipe for sangria:
  • 1 ½ bottles red wine,
  • ½ bottle cherry wine,
  • 2 shots triple sec,
  • 2 shots brandy,
  • 2 cups lemon-lime soda,
  • assorted fruit.
Everyone thought it was pretty awesome.


We are having a tapas party today. Part of that party is tortilla EspaƱola and patatas bravas, both of which involve potatoes. We got a big ol' bag of potatoes, and were surprised to find that the large logo on the bag read "Jersey Fresh."

Yes, Jersey fresh.

Evidently the Garden State, trying to reclaim its former glory as tomato supplier to America, is promoting the equivalence that Jersey = Fresh. Despite the fact that, on our trips through Jersey, this is the image of freshness we get:

stolen from this blogger's site)

That's some quality, Blade Runner freshness for you.

The potatoes are actually fine, but the packaging is hilarious.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cheerios Mix

The Cheerios Cheddar Snack Mix is not as good as Chex Mix.

Cheerios just do not work well in a savory snack mix.  They're too sweet n' oaty.  I think I do not want oats with my "cheez"-covered pretzels.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Dinner Possible!

After finally getting back into the swing of things (but missing Spain oh-so-much!) The Pedant and I have begun cooking again.

salad. The Sunday we had an excellent dinner. It was a really simple and tasty light dinner: a tortellini salad. The recipe came from a low-fat vegetarian cook book. Basically, cook refrigerated tortellini. Make a salad with mixed greens, a pepper and some mushrooms. Make a dressing out of white wine vinegar, sugar, EVOO and water. Put some crutons in (which TP made himself from a mini baguette). Toss. Enjoy.

And we did.

Last night for dinner we made a chick pea tagine from this months' Vegetarian Times. It came out well. Although we didn't realize it until today's lunch since our sink was leaking. In order to avoid a large smelly pile of dishes, we went out to the local Greek place. Only problem: the food was sooooo tasty (not the problem) I ate it all and got a belly ache in the middle of the night (problem). Oh well.

Friday, September 12, 2008


So as The Pedant said, we're married and Spain was amazing.

Here were my highlights:

1) CHEESE: The breakfast buffet had like 8 different kinds of cheeses and they were perfectly divine. I did eat my weight in cheese one morning and it was amazing. So much cheese.

2) PASTRIES: Every day should be a vacation where calories only matter slightly, so that I can eat a croissant and a pastry at each breakfast buffet. Good thing I was only there for a week. Plus, I went back to my exercise class last night and I worked super hard so it's like nothing happened...oh but those croissants and nutella were so, so tasty...

3) VEGETARIAN PAELLA: We had it twice and it was great both times. So delicious and well done. The first time was saltier and with a bit more good stuff to scrape off the bottom, but the second time was with perfectly cooked veggies. TP and I made a paella recipe from Vegetarian Times but we have to work on ours to make it better.

4) THE SCENERY: The coast was just great. So pretty and serene. The water was just so clear. The weather was also perfect - not too hot or humid. The Alhambra castle was divine. As was Ronda and Malaga.

5) ROOM SERVICE: Yes, for the first time in my life, I ordered room service. It was super cool. They even called me "Mrs. Pedant" (even if I'm keeping my maiden name it's still cool). We got a vegetarian pizza with leeks, mushrooms, artichoke (a new favorite veggie!!) and eggplant. Super tasty. Also...

6) TORTILLA ESPANOLA/SPANISH OMELETTE: The potatoes and the eggs - prefect combination. Just so tasty. Plus, every time they used mushrooms it was great. So good. TP and I received a mini omelette pan for our wedding and are so happy to make our own!

7) THE HOTEL: AMAZING. Super swanky and just os much fun. They treated us so nicely.

Next trip is totally to Iceland.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Like MacArthur...

We have returned. There will be more posts about Spain. But not until we get our bearings.

Paella was fantastic.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Marbella, Briefly

Marbella, Briefly

Cars Seen at Our Hotel:
A Bugatti Veyron
The Dutch "Gay TV" Audi sports car (it's pink)
A Ferrari
Two Porsche Cayennes (the silly crossover SUV)

Nearby in Puerto Banus, not yet seen but we probably have to check it
The Plaza Antonio Banderas

El Circulo, the 4 euro bottle of rioja wine we got at a nearby
Not delicious

The Rioja at La Vanencia, the tapas place we were at last night:

Ingredients of note in hotel bar sangria:
Sprite, triple sec, sugar

Fact that supermarket has draft beer in its coffeeshop:
Awesome, plus the coffee is good.

Unusual things The Pedant ate:
Black pudding with onions
Vanilla and strawberry ice cream in lasagna shape

Where we're going Friday:

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Married Sherbs. In Spain. Food terrific.

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