Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Great Eggs

Last Saturday, I made one of my better impromptu recipes. I wanted an egg, but I wanted more than one egg could provide while still keeping the cholesterol and fat down.

So, I combined the following in a bowl:

then I cooked it in a pan until I was sure that the egg was safe to eat.

It was amazingly good on toast. I added a little Texas Pete's, but it wasn't really necessary.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


My post on Friday alluded to our dinner Friday night, Tempeh au Vin. Well, the outcome was excellent. Granted I can't compare it to Coq a Vin since I doubt I've ever had it (although The Pedant can address it; his comments about the time he had it in France always include the words "so tasty," "really great," "amazing") but this was good. I mean, how could it not be?! The recipe was pretty simple:

Saute 3 leeks and 2 onions chunked in some EVOO. Let them get brown and delicious looking. Add in 1 lb. mushrooms halved, let them get tasty looking. Add in carrot slices, some flour, 4 smokey tempeh strips (we used Light Life Bacon which didn't add as much as it could have - next time we may just use liquid smoke) and 8 oz cubed tempeh. Then pour in some water and a bottle of beaujolais (good thing we can get some for under $10 at costco!) and let it cook for a while getting yummy. The recipe calls for spelt berries (since it's a hippie mag) but we substituted egg noodles. It was just wonderful. Also, I felt justified using our (expensive, but worth it) french oven.

Yet another winner from the Vegetarian Times!