Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Beer-Glazed Pinto Beans and Penne, Pedant Style

New protip: do not wipe your brow after slicing hot peppers from the CSA. It burns. For a while.

Was out of ideas for dinner, and forgot I had tuna casserole in the fridge, so I made pasta with a variation of Bittman's beer-glazed black beans for the sauce. First I threw some hot peppers from this week's CSA box into a pan of hot olive oil and ground black pepper. Then I sauteed the too-sharp red onion remainders from last week. Once that was done, I added a cup of Amstel Light (I drank the rest), orange blossom honey, pinto beans, and red pepper flakes (to ensure spiciness). Into this I put nearly-cooked whole wheat penne.

It's a little sweeter than I expected, but it has a nice burn on it that makes it quite tasty. Works really well with parmesan (what doesn't)?


bluesleepy said...

Oh I could really get into this!! NOM. Maybe not the Amstel Light, though... ;o)

Sherbs said...

Well, come to DC for a visit and we can make it for you!

bluesleepy said...

I will let you all know the next time I am in DC! I should really think about coming home soon... my parents get restless when I stay away too long.