Monday, August 2, 2010

Squash and such

A post! Finally!

It's been a busy summer - between work being busy and taking a class, it's been a rough summer for blogging. And cooking! We've been in and out and busier so although we have great CSA produce, it's not necessarily blog worthy - nothing new and exciting.

However, I did make zucchini bread this weekend with a zucchini from the farm and I loved it. Super tasty. I will probably make it again since I just got a HUGE zucchini from the neighbor of a friend's parents. I might even make 4 loafs (my recipe makes 2 loafs - although I only have 2 loaf pans...) it's that giant.

This weekend was spent with friends at their parent's lovely house in New Jersey. My friend L. made a really fantastic dinner: soba noodles (which were basically cold sesame noodles - my FAVORITE), a bean and squash salad, and seared tuna (The Pedant loved it). She also made a plum and cherry crumble, which was perfect (and better the next day for breakfast). We had cocktails of champagne and strawberry puree and some cheese which was great. For lunch yesterday we all went for dim sum.

Tonight's food will likely be pizza at costco since TP and I need to get some shopping done.


bluesleepy said...

I know of a DELICIOUS chocolate zucchini cake, if you're interested.

Sherbs said...

Sure! send me the recipe. I also have a recipe for chocolate zucchini cookies that maybe I'll make this weekend...I still have 1/2 of the giant zucchini and another full one...oy!