Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Healthy and the Oh So Unhealthy

First, the healthy. Last week, I had dinner with a friend at a very tasty Lebanese restaurant. We shared a few mezzas - grape leaves, fatteh, and she got a lamb dish and I got a dished called Baked Cheese (tangent from healthy - it was not. It was literally baked cheese. And so good.) And then we shared a Goat Cheese and Orange salad. From the website: "Mixed greens with orange, dates and walnuts. Tossed with citrus vinaigrette and Nigella seeds." It was done perfectly. Very tasty! So I've been on an orange in salad kick. Last week for a snack I sectioned an orange into some romaine lettuce with EVOO and fat free feta cheese and sesame seeds. It was perfect. Last night for a quick dinner I made a salad with shredded cabbage (that's like 2 weeks old...but still good!), romaine, baby spinach, black beans and beer (leftover), FF feta, a poached egg (my first official one! it wasn't too bad!), EVOO, wine vinegar, orange sections and some salt. It was very good. Sweet, tangy, salty, perfect.

Now, the important stuff. The Unhealthy. I love Cadbury Creame Eggs. With a passion. Because they are awesome and delicious and perfect. Just the right mix of unhealthy cream to not the best chocolate. And you get to suck out the center. I usually have one (or 2?) a year. I had one Sunday. It was perfect. Only problem: I WANT MORE! Like, an entire stack of them. I want a Cadbury bunny to lay them for me. And, I have to go to CVS to pick up a prescription for The Pedant later so I may not be able to resist...but I will try. Since I hit some frozen cookies that were lying around the freezer pretty hard last week. But, oh, such decadent cream!

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