Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Things have been hectic on my end - between work and school I have had minimal time for life let alone food. This weekend (it seems like so long ago!) The Pedant and I made some great food from 660 Curries. That's the extent of our cooking this week. (We did make a slow cooker risotto which was good in the past but since we've made several stove top risottos it was only fair by comparison.)

Today, the excitement in the food world (in the real work it's that I got a promotion! Hooray!) is this link TP sent me:

Icelandic Chocolate Coated Licorice. For sale. In bulk (cheaper!). For real. As Liz Lemon says: I want to go to there. You see, I love licorice. And chocolate. And Iceland. I bought a whole lot of this in Iceland and really enjoyed it. (I brought it to work and everyone turned their noses up, which just meant more for me.)

This weekend TP and I have some catching up to do on life and I really want to make this recipe I saw from a SELF Magazine healthy eating blog. It looks just up my alley since I really enjoy root vegetables.

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bluesleepy said...

Ooo that looks yummy, that lasagna! But I am not sure about the rutabaga/turnip in it. I don't think I've ever had rutabaga, and the one time I had a turnip I was not impressed. Hmm.

YAY on the promotion!