Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Short Update

An incredibly short post since my life has been incredibly busy. (I have 1 final left...and then summer school...why did I go back to school again??!)

Anyway, dear readers (i.e., Hello Dad, Aunt L., The Pedant's Sister, Bluesleepy...anyone else actually read this blog?!?), life has been hectic. My experiment with less caffeine was going really well...until I went all decaf Monday and wanted to die. Tuesday was worse - again all decaf and wanted to die. Wednesday I did a double mug of all caf and that was good. Today - half caf. But it's only 12:40 so we'll see...

As for food, we've eaten some great stuff. We were in Boston for a wedding a 2 weekends ago which was lovely. I had goals of blogging about all our good food, but then finals got in the way. Which is why I haven't blogged much (TP has no excuses...). I WILL try to be better. Which is what I say every time.

For a quick food update, I have made meringue cookies twice. My mom is an expert at making them and I've decided to try. But, I wanted to get all fancy and pipe them. But I don't have a pipping bag. The first time I tried a Ziploc bag - epic fail. Monday night I tried a parchment paper "pipping bag" which worked eh. Probably better if the cookies didn't have chocolate chips. Will continue to experiment. I may buy a pipping bag one day and make them all pretty like.


bluesleepy said...

You could just buy the tips that go into a pastry bag and then use a Ziploc as your pastry bag. I see tv chefs do that all the time. Also if you want to get super fancified, Williams-Sonoma has a mechanical pastry bag that looks like a cookie press which apparently works like a dream. I haven't used it my own self, but I bought one for my sister for Christmas somewhere along the line.

Sherbs said...

Yeah I may try that. I think one day I'd love to take a cake decorating class. Not because I'm artistic, but because I'm a know it all.

I think the problem I had with the ziploc bag and the parchment was the chocolate chips - they were a bit too "chunky," but uber tasty.