Sunday, June 27, 2010

'Q Freebies

I went to the Safeway barbecue cookoff in DC today, near the Archives/Navy Memorial station.

Since DC law prevented the competitors from handing out free samples (or paid samples), it was mostly an opportunity to get free stuff from vendors. And did I ever:

  • Smoked sausage and pulled pork sandwich from Stubb's barbecue sauce
  • Sample of Kraft Homestyle Mac n' Cheese
  • Sample of Safeway's "Rancher Reserve" beef cooked in pepper and olive oil
  • Claussen's pickle
  • A really, really tasty slice of watermelon
  • GEICO Gecko Pez dispenser
  • Sample packs of Mrs. Dash from the DASH NGO for prevention of domestic violence
  • Margarita mix
  • bloody mary mix
  • 5 spice bloody mary mix
  • two free packages of Kraft Homestyle mac n' cheese
  • Tote bag from winning Bingo from the DC Lottery
  • Tote bag for taking a survey from Benjamin Moore paint
  • Luggage tag from Greyhound Bus Lines
  • Flimsy water bottle from Greyhound Bus Lines
  • Magnets with a Clausen's pickle theme
  • Magnets with the Dunkin' Donuts logo
  • Magnetic shopping list with the Dunkin Donuts logo
  • climbing-unsafe carabiner from Oscar Meyer Lunchables
All this, and plenty of coupons. I feel like I got my $11 admission's worth, even after buying some ribs with coleslaw and potato salad from the Midwestern place that played early Michael Jackson on a loop (and gave cups of free iced tea to people in line).

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