Monday, June 21, 2010

Some Like it HOT

Yes yes, I'm a bad blogger.

Anyway, lots of good food lately. Most importantly, I ate at a great restaurant last night. My friend C. and I, and her friend L., went to Nando Peri Peri. It is fast food in the way Noodles & Company is fast food. You order and they bring food to you, but you don't have to clean up. They are "known" for their chicken sandwiches. Luckily, they had a cheese and protobello mushroom sandwich. The other thing they are "known" for is their spicy sauces. I got HOT (there is also an extra hot) and it was HOT but really, really good. I do love spicy food that makes your cheeks hurt. It is so good. I will def go back. I even texted The Pedant right after to tell him we must go. Yeah, it was that good.

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