Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dinner Last Night

Dinner last night was mostly a success. Not just because it was tasty, but because I took pictures!

Last night's dinner was kind of made up. Well, not entirely, but it was kind of random. But, we got some chard from our CSA. The Pedant and I wanted to make the Cook's Illustrated recipe for Assertive Greens with Kielbasa that we made last week with soy chorizo. But, it wasn't going to be enough for dinner. Plus, we had some leftover Roquefort that's been calling my name. So I decided to make a pasta dish with a sauce using bad wine in our fridge as a vehicle for the cheese. The tasty, tasty cheese.

Step one: clean greens. Please note the before.
Step two: put in pot of water.

Please also note my very favorite Le Cruset Pot. I love it so much.

Then, drain chard. Please notice the after.
So little left! Greens are funny that way.

Anyway, step 2 of the recipe is cook "kilbasa" in the pan and add the green.
Also, this is in one of my favorite pans. It's super huge and lovely.

And I swear, it's tastier than it looks!

Then, I made the pasta.

It was pretty simple. I chopped up an onion and sauteed it in some oil. I added a bit of garlic and then about a cup of the terrible wine and let it cook down. Not sure why it was terrible. It was probably very good at the winery or wine festival we bought it at. I used some frozen asparagus that I steamed in it's neat-o bag. Probably should have just added them in without the steaming. They were a bit overdone. Oh well. I then added some frozen peas (lots of fun spring vegetables! In Summer!) and let that cook. I finished cooking the pasta in the sauce, because Lidia tells me to, and voila.

Then I put the stuff on plates and added the cheese:

The verdict: the greens were tasty (I used MUCH more chorizo than last time, but I was trying to finish it). The pasta was fair. A bit tasteless, but a great vehicle for the cheese.

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funky usa gal said...

I'm looking forward to try this one and I will add some mozzarella cheese just to suit my taste. Anyway thanks to your recipe here. Have a good day. :)