Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Food Attempts

On Sunday, I played the Nintendo Wii game "Cooking Mama," which humiliates one for one's inability to crack an egg using the Wii controller, and I think it jinxed my cooking.

Of course, making entirely vegetarian turnip greens in a slow cooker wasn't a guaranteed success; they're bland, but not inedible.

I did successfully make tuna fish sandwiches, although I don't know where the safety cap to some of my dehydrated spices went - it popped off somewhere.

I also destroyed a tomato with a mandoline.


Sister said...

In the new apt?

Sherbs said...

Which sister - My sister? Yes. In the new apt. Well, not the wii game, but Pedant did the cooking. In our beautiful apt.

Pedant's awesome sister said...

No, pedant's. Couldn't log in.