Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Happy Sandwich!

It happens to be my birthday, one of only two birthdays I can remember (the other being the Sherbs'; some of my friends who had birthdays last week just get lost in the ether), but that's not the important news.

The important news is that I know the winners of the Vladivostok Victory Day sandwich contest.

End result: Russians on taste, Americans on plating; I think the Russian choice to make everything look like old sailing ships was a little foolish, since the last time they brought an older fleet to Vladivostok, they got royally spanked. I guess my navally minded friends were right to trust the Stethem's culinary skill.

It also looks like a tasty spread in general.


bluesleepy said...

Oh damn. I knew it was your birthday; it just totally slipped my mind. Actually, you want to know whose May birthday I did remember this year? Our old buddy James's (10th grade), on the 7th. Go figure.

Gramarye said...

Happy birthday to you as well. ^_^ Hope you had an enjoyable day!