Monday, May 19, 2008

Pumpkin Failures

Last night the Sherbs and I were at Aroma in Shirlington again, sort of with regards to my birthday (my parents were there and gifted us with a cordless variable-speed drill). I strongly recommend the crispy okra and the malai kofta for vegetarians, and the vindaloo is amazing for the non-vegetarians.

In food failure news, blog The Bacon Show provides a recipe claiming to be "silverbeet with bacon, pumpkin, and feta." You will have to convince me that bacon, pumpkin, and feta are complementary flavors. Bacon/feta sounds like failure. Pumpkin/feta sounds like failure. Just serve beet salad with feta as one dish, and then have a separate bacon/pumpkin dish like bacon pumpkin pie or a bacon-riffic pumpkin soup.

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bluesleepy said...

Bacon/feta is actually a very delicious taste sensation. I'm thinking bacon and feta sprinkled on a salad, of course -- or feta on a salad with bacon dressing. Bacon and feta on a burger is also quite good, though not kosher at all, obviously. I'm less convinced that pumpkin and bacon is an acceptable taste combination.