Monday, May 5, 2008

Yet another food contest I cannot attend.

So, in Vladivostok, a Russian city on the Pacific Ocean, the Russians are celebrating winning the Eastern Front of WWII in a way I heartily support: their navy is challenging the U.S. Navy to a sandwich contest. The contest may be slightly skewed in favor of the home team:
The contest will involve the best head cooks of Russia’s Pacific Fleet and the cooks from the U.S. destroyer Stethem which will arrive in the city on the day of the competition.

The USS Stethem (yes, it has a website) is a "tactical Tomohawk AEGIS destroyer," which does have a crew of 323, is not a huge ship by any means; unlike the USS Ronald Reagan, which serves over 18,000 meals a day, I would say that there is less of a chance that the Stethem's cooks are the equal of "the best head cooks of Russia's Pacific Fleet."

Regardless, I'd really love to try the sandwiches. Also, more nations should solve disputes through food Throwdowns.

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bluesleepy said...

Actually, in my humble opinion, the Stethem would be a better choice than the Ronald Reagan. It's all about speed and ease of prep on the Reagan; the Culinary Specialists on a destroyer have more time to hone their skills.

Also ship food isn't great, at least not what they give us peons. There are some really awesome Culinary Specialists that have been to fancy cooking schools; hopefully there are some of those CSs among the crew of the Stethem. Either way the contest comes out, I'd love to be there!!