Sunday, July 27, 2008

More Fun With Teff!

Had another teff-riffic meal at Enjera, the Eritrean place across from the Ethiopian place we usually go to on South 23rd Street. The Sherbs and I think we may have found it better; not because Eritrea has diplomatic relations with Israel, but because it's just that much tastier and friendlier.

Both restaurants have, shall we say, a relaxed attitude towards waiting tables and taking orders and providing the check, but Enjera is better at refilling the water and they're actually friendly, instead of harried. Furthermore, the wait staff actually wanted us to try Eritrean food (which is not startlingly different from Ethiopian food; the "sampler platter" from Enjera is different from Harar Mesob's only in that there's a more Western salad with tomatoes and the beef is replaced with lamb) and taught us some things about how it's eaten that we didn't know before.

Also, Enjera is a tad more accessible to newcomers to Horn of Africa cuisine. They have forks, for one, so sensory-defensive people like me don't have to get their hands constantly greasy. There's a salad on the sampler that isn't too alien for those who need to ease themselves in. They also make an appetizer salad which is essentially a traditional tomato, onion, and field green salad in vinaigrette, but mixed with chunks of enjera and spicy pepper for something truly tasty. Plus - the fried lamb bits with sauteed onion - tasty tasty.

However, while I say accessible, I don't mean "westernized." Spice is there in significant unless you ask to tone it down (we didn't).

Will visit again.

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