Monday, July 21, 2008

Snack Food Update

I had to take the canister of fat-free barbecue Pringles to work because the Sherbs did not want to eat them all. And I can totally understand that; they're tasty, although the KC Masterpiece-inspired flavor is more subtle than on some other "healthy" snack products.

One downside is that they're made with Olestra, which, like a Hawaiian butterfish, can do bad things in concert with your colon. Back in college, I ate a full-size bag of Wow! Chips and nothing happened to me, so I feel like I can tempt fate.

Also totally worth eating (but not fat free; however, also not pants-imperiling) are EatSmart Veggie Crisps, which are a different form of reconstituted potato starch with vegetable solids. I'd prefer if they only sold bags of the spinach ones, but they don't.

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