Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Froz-Food, Redux

Anyone remember "Froz-Fruit"? My camp memories of it are disappointing, but this was also the camp where I got salmonella for a week and then developed a (possibly psychosomatic) stiff neck for another week that was so bad that it hurt when I walked across rough terrain.

Perhaps this is also why I do not enjoy movies which show summer camp as a fun bonding experience. It was not mine.

Anyway, the frozen dinners last night were tastier than I would have expected from the Kashi company (makers of "Goodfriends," which some website photo-manipulated the box to read "Goodfriends with no sense of personal space," a joke I still find hilarious). I expected something more like "fructose on puffed wheat," which is my memory from when my family attempted to eat Kashi cereal (this was maybe a decade ago).

I believe some family members actually did eat the cereal, but I had trouble enjoying it as I only liked the puffed wheat balls lightly dusted with malt powder or whatever it was that made them ever-so-subtly sweet, as opposed to tasting like raw fiber. They were, of course, 10% of the total cereal, because at that time health food was for ascetics.

But I digress again. The frozen dinners are pretty tasty. I enjoyed a cheesy pesto penne, and the Sherbs had brown rice with mango (still fibrous, but at least it tasted like something). I think those are the only two meatless options with Kashi frozen food; for some reason, frozen food purveyors love their animal protein.

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