Thursday, September 4, 2008

Marbella, Briefly

Marbella, Briefly

Cars Seen at Our Hotel:
A Bugatti Veyron
The Dutch "Gay TV" Audi sports car (it's pink)
A Ferrari
Two Porsche Cayennes (the silly crossover SUV)

Nearby in Puerto Banus, not yet seen but we probably have to check it
The Plaza Antonio Banderas

El Circulo, the 4 euro bottle of rioja wine we got at a nearby
Not delicious

The Rioja at La Vanencia, the tapas place we were at last night:

Ingredients of note in hotel bar sangria:
Sprite, triple sec, sugar

Fact that supermarket has draft beer in its coffeeshop:
Awesome, plus the coffee is good.

Unusual things The Pedant ate:
Black pudding with onions
Vanilla and strawberry ice cream in lasagna shape

Where we're going Friday:

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