Friday, September 12, 2008


So as The Pedant said, we're married and Spain was amazing.

Here were my highlights:

1) CHEESE: The breakfast buffet had like 8 different kinds of cheeses and they were perfectly divine. I did eat my weight in cheese one morning and it was amazing. So much cheese.

2) PASTRIES: Every day should be a vacation where calories only matter slightly, so that I can eat a croissant and a pastry at each breakfast buffet. Good thing I was only there for a week. Plus, I went back to my exercise class last night and I worked super hard so it's like nothing happened...oh but those croissants and nutella were so, so tasty...

3) VEGETARIAN PAELLA: We had it twice and it was great both times. So delicious and well done. The first time was saltier and with a bit more good stuff to scrape off the bottom, but the second time was with perfectly cooked veggies. TP and I made a paella recipe from Vegetarian Times but we have to work on ours to make it better.

4) THE SCENERY: The coast was just great. So pretty and serene. The water was just so clear. The weather was also perfect - not too hot or humid. The Alhambra castle was divine. As was Ronda and Malaga.

5) ROOM SERVICE: Yes, for the first time in my life, I ordered room service. It was super cool. They even called me "Mrs. Pedant" (even if I'm keeping my maiden name it's still cool). We got a vegetarian pizza with leeks, mushrooms, artichoke (a new favorite veggie!!) and eggplant. Super tasty. Also...

6) TORTILLA ESPANOLA/SPANISH OMELETTE: The potatoes and the eggs - prefect combination. Just so tasty. Plus, every time they used mushrooms it was great. So good. TP and I received a mini omelette pan for our wedding and are so happy to make our own!

7) THE HOTEL: AMAZING. Super swanky and just os much fun. They treated us so nicely.

Next trip is totally to Iceland.

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