Friday, May 8, 2009

Almond Butter Love

So I'm making my first official MDWDP endorsement: Barney Butter almond butter. I heard about it from one of the Self Magazine blogs I read and figured they had free samples why not try them. Turns out they are very good. Creamy but not too sticky like how peanut butter can be sometimes. And although it's calorically very similar to PB (which will always have a great place in my heart) it has more fiber and less saturated fat. m Plus it come sin little 0.6 oz packets that I thought would be great to travel with. Except apparently peanut butter is considered a liquid/gel, so I have to fit it into my quart sized bag or check it (which we're avoiding doing for our upcoming trip).

But it is a really great breakfast food on an English muffin* and with a nice bowl of fruit. Served me well this week.

*While defrosting my English muffin I noticed it said on the bag "Now made with no high fructose corn syrup!" I kinda never wanted that in my English muffin anyway...


mlh said...

I just Googled the term "MDWDP" and it shows up on the first page. Now I know what it means!!

Sherbs said...

MLH - I'm assuming this is my father - it is the acronym that I made up. Mostly because I'm too lazy to write it all out