Monday, May 4, 2009

Vaguely Mexican Dinenr

Last night we had a vaguely Mexican Dinner - perhaps in preparation for Cinco De Mayo? Probably not, mostly because we wanted to do a crock pot dinner since I was working and The Pedant was out with friends. We decided to make a black bean soup which we've had before and it's been good. So TP set it in the afternoon and I made a salad when I came home. Which I am very proud of. It was:

Romaine lettuce
A perfectly ripe avocado (it was so creamy and delicious)
Sliced white mushrooms
A red onion
A can of corn

The dressing was great and light:
Lemon juice (from a bottle - foodies don't yell at me!)
3 minced garlic cloves
Splenda sugar blend

The salad came together nicely. There was a sweetness and tartness in the dressing which was binded with the avocado also. The corn added color and the onion wasn't too strong.

The soup was also really very good. It was the perfect dinner. I'm very excited for leftovers for lunch (with some fat-free crumbled feta on my salad!).

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