Monday, May 18, 2009

Trail Blazer Mix!

On Friday, The Pedant and I begin a 10 day trip to Iceland, Oslo and Copenhagen. We are oh so excited - the highlights include vikings, snorkeling in Lake Silfra, puffins, vikings, Ibsen's house, old books, vikings, legos, cheese and vikings. Yesterday, TP and I went to the mall to acquire some extra things for the trip and then went to 3 supermarkets to make a trail mix. We are attempting to save some money on snacks and meals by packing some of our own food (including the mini packets of Barney Butter Almond Butter in my quart sized bag) with some rice cakes I bought), our favorite, Fiber 1 Bars, and trail mix of our own creation. So we bought the fixings for an incredible mix.

At Trader Joe's we got:
Shelled Pistachios
Dried Mango with Chili Powder
Dried Apples
Dried Cranberries
Sunflower Seeds

At Whole Foods we got:
Wasabi Peas
Soy Nuts

At The Teet we got:
Wasabi-Flavored Almonds

(I'm sure I forgot something but you get the point.)

We will then add some golden raisins and regular raisins that we have at home.

This should be a splendid mix of sweet, nutty, spicy and tiny bit salty flavors. It will keep me full when TP eats every kind of pickled fish northern Europe has to offer.

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