Monday, February 25, 2008

"During the Commercial Break, We Talk About What You're Wearing at Home" - Jon Stewart

So after a busy, busy Saturday of errand running and diner brunch (also Ethiopian food for dinner! Yay! So tasty - it's slowly becoming one of my new favorite foods, also because you can eat with your hands), we had an exciting time on Sunday preparing for the Oscars and our Oscar Party. I enjoy the Oscars - getting to make fun of people's clothing, feeling like I've seen more movies than I actually did, etc. This year, with a new fancy TV and a recent acquisition of an HD antenna (because once you HD it's hard to go back), The Pedant and I decided to host an Oscar Party and serve food based on Oscar Nominated films. We had a lot of fun planning the menu. Although less people came than we excepted/hoped, we still had fun (and leftovers!).


(* = Winner)

Mini Hamburgers (for Juno - Best Picture, Director, Original Screenplay (and only?) Written by a Former Stripper With a Visible Tattoo And Leopard Print*, Actress, Use of Michael Cera): See TP's previous post, but in reference to her Hamburger phone

Chummus (for Persepolis - Best Animated Film; No End in Sight - Best Documentary): A Costco sized Sabra tub (double yay for leftovers and the best mass-produced diaspora chummus), served with baby carrots and broccoli florets

Multi-Vitamins (for Sicko - Best Documentary): Self explanatory - our health care system as a country sucks, so take your vitamins

Ratatouille (for Ratatouille - Best Animated Film*, Sound Editing, Mixing, Use of Cooking in a Movie): We made a batch of Ratatouille in the slow cooker which came out pretty well. Since the nature of this dish is very simple with a "peasant" like atmosphere to it, but it came out well. It was done in the slow cooker and was: 1 diced eggplant (sauteed in olive oil), 1 onion (also sauteed in OO), 2 zucchini, 1 bell pepper, 1 28-oz. can diced tomatoes (Glen Muuer, because Cook's Illustrated told us they were the best), and some thyme. The trick was stir in pesto at the end which gave it a good flavor.

5-Layer Dip (for No Country for Old Men - Best Picture*, Director*, Adapted Screenplay*, Supporting Actor with a Bad Haircut and an Awesome Mom in the Front Row*; There Will Be Blood - Best Picture, Director, Screenplay, Actor*): So TP and I didn't see either of these movies (I hate violence and blood) but we knew they took place in the Southwest/California and in NCFOM the villain kills people with a cattle prod. Since I don't eat steak, we went with something Southwest-y and a crowd pleaser. It was a layer of Guacamole (avocado, 1 mined clove garlic, 2 Tbs or so of minced red onion, lime juice, salt, pepper and a bit of cumin), a layer of black beans, a layer of salsa (which was a bit too watery but tasty), a mini layer of red onions, a layer of "Fiesta Corn," and a layer of light sour cream with some lime juice to keep it limey. Served with Tostidos Scoops and very tasty.

Chana Masala (for Michael Clayton - Best Picture, Director, Original Screenplay, Score, Actor who is ohsohandsome with a beautiful house in Italy, Supporting Actress who Looked Like She was Going to the David Bowie Impersonation Gala not the Oscars*, Supporting Actor): This was a reheatable packet of Indian food that was really tasty. It is a nod to Tom Wilkinson's line "I am Sheva the God of Death!!"

Beer and Cheese Fondue (for Elizabeth: The Golden Age - Best Actress, Best Costumes*; La Vie en Rose - Best Actress*, Costumes, Makeup*): This was reheated from the fondue we made for the Superbowl, and like Cate Blanchett, a little funky the second time around (oh, snap!, no seriously, she's very talented, and to get nominated twice for the same role PLUS in the same year get nominated for 2 Oscars in very impressive! And her dress was pretty) but was served in our new, adorable Little Dipper. The way it worked with the 2 movies (besides the fact it was in our freezer) was the Beer = what they drink in England (Elizabeth) and the fondue = French (La Vie en Rose). Served with whole wheat baguette slices.

Drinks of Soda and Beer (for
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End - Best Makeup, Visual Effects): Really, we needed a tag for the soda and 3 beers we wanted to get rid of but sadly didn't. Want to come over and drink the mediocre, er, delicious beer in our fridge?! We need room for the leftovers!

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