Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My Expertise Is Needed Again!

So, while we were expressly not blogging, the Sherbs and I were checking out the naked pictures of Lindsay Lohan in New York magazine (gaze upon her works, and despair!). They are "tasteful" nudes, by which we mean "recreating a Marilyn Monroe photo shoot so it's plausibly art." Still, she's starkers.

My takeaway from this was that Lindsay Lohan has many, many freckles. If you see a picture of her without freckles, it's been airbrushed. This is what I have learned.

According to Radar magazine, there may have been some "confusion" as to what the pictures would be used for - as in, someone expected to be only in a museum, and instead got to be on every newsstand in the Five Boroughs (and delivered to the homes of people who like to think they still live there, like us).

As everyone knows, I once wrote a published academic article on this very subject. Yet, for some reason, no news organization is calling me up.

In other news, the bok choy was made according to Cook's Illustrated's basic recipe, but with the addition of Morningstar Farms' "steak" strips. It was tasty awesome.

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