Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Possible Loss to Food Culture, My Hero, and More

Epicurious's blog reports that Atlanta's "Soul Food Museum" (officially the National African-American Culinary Arts & Hospitality Association Museum, which evidently has not learned from MySpace that you should not under any circumstances automatically load music with a webpage) is in dire financial straits. Which is too bad, because I didn't know about it last time I went to Atlanta and instead ended up having a crummy meal at a Ted's Montana Grill. The only thing worth getting at one of those is a stuffed bison. So,

Speaking of soul food, and music that one actually desires to hear, two weeks ago the Sherbs and I had a delightful dinner with music at Twins Jazz on U Street. We heard the Jonathan Kreisberg Trio, which, despite the name and the fact that they all look Judaic, are not three men named Jonathan Kreisberg (only one of them).

Twins Jazz is a cozy music venue, and it does have tasty Ethiopian food (and variants like the lentil nachos we had to start), but the cooking's a little bit uneven (my lamb was overcooked) and we didn't get enough injera, which is disappointing. As the Sherbs mentioned, we returned to Harar Mesob last weekend, and their combo platter is still incredibly tasty and filling (and the honey wine ain't bad, either). We'll be going there for our Ethiopian food in the near future, although Twins Jazz will still have our jazz club business.

Finally, I have a new hero: William Buckland, the man who would eat anything.

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