Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Lament, Lauds, etc.

[Note: I started this post this morning before The Pedant blogged.]

There are no excuses for our lack of blogging. It's not like we've eaten bad food lately. On the contrary, it's been quite good. Perhaps life has gotten in the way? Perhaps we have become bored with blogging? Both untrue, both lame excuses.

So, I find myself blogging again. I will both lament and laud several things.

First the lament:

At a lovely wedding this weekend, really it was lovely, there was only one problem: trio deserts! The Pedant and I are sick of trio deserts. It is not Iron Chef! You are not running a tasty restaurant in Alexandria! Give me many or give me one! Also, no wedding cake. I want frosting dammit! However, the deserts were very tasty and they had little truffles with a ganache that was probably frosting.

Now onto the lauds:

Iced Coffee: I have begun making iced coffee for the warmer summer days for work. I just double brew the coffee, fill with ice and milk and splenda and when I get to work it's delightfully cold. I am super smart. Best idea ever.

Summer Salads from Vegetarian Times: Last week for dinners, TP and I made 2 "summer salads" from VT, and orzo and an Asian noodle. Both were incredibly light and tasty. Hooray!

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