Sunday, April 12, 2009

I Made Chicken Soup For the Second Time

Things I should have remembered from the first time I made chicken soup:

1) the recipe from the internet does not realize that I am not using an eight-quart stock pot, but instead a five-quart pot from Ikea.

2) Gas burners hate overflowing pots.

Things I now learned from my chicken soup adventure:

1) Lydia Bastianich's trick of putting soup meats in cheesecloth is good, but works a lot better if you have a giant stockpot to work with.

2) The grates on my stove are really wobbly and, unless positioned just so, will cause a pot full of hot proto-soup to tip and spill all over the front of the oven and the floor.

3) There is an amount of celery one can chop which will cause one's hands to smell like celery for a long time.

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