Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Passover Snack

Last night, after coming home from work, I made a snack. A one-egg egg salad (a favorite of mine during Passover) wasn't quite enough (although with real mayo is AMAZING). So I poked around our kitchen looking for something. Except it's passover and the end of passover at that so we had very little. And problem was I wanted something sweet. Except I tend to not buy sweets because I eat them waaaaaay to quickly. So we decided not to buy the wonderful and amazing and delectable treats that come out over passover for the house, but had our fill at the seder and then when friends came over for dinner. But last night I so badly wanted a sweet.

The End Result: Matzah and Honey.
The Verdict: Perfect. (Would have been perfect-er with butter under the honey, but alas, same problem with butter as with sweets. Also goes for mayo. Somehow, half our jar is gone. But real mayo on matzah is a delightful nosh!) I will totally be eating this again at other holidays. Also, not sure why the Teet had Kosher for Passover honey but not the usually kosher for passover stuff, like, cheese or mayo. Oh well. New favorite store to buy kosher stuff had a lot! Cheeses, meats, fishes, etc.!! Normally I wouldn't buy Kosher for Passover honey because it's not like bees are eating leavened bread on the other 51 weeks of the year. I wanted to make sure they got their sale. Same reason I bought Kosher for Passover milk. Because really it soooo doesn't matter. For these people it does (regardless, I want a warming drawer one day - looks awesome!)


bluesleepy said...

I did find it amusing that all my milk is labeled Kosher for Passover right now. I'm not an expert on kosher food at all, but isn't milk in general kosher anyhow?

Sherbs said...

Exactly! There is no need for dairy products to have a special kosher for passover thing. Some people just love going the extra mile. (Really, it means that the factory was extra washed and supervised and they paid the right people.) I bought it because I figured let the store get an extra scan on a kosher item so they see what people are buying. But it SO doesn't matter to many people. (To many Jews more observant than I it does though. Again, see the Times article...)