Monday, April 27, 2009

Cookie Press & Cheese

The saga of the cookie press has come to a close since I finally found one that works.

(For those who may not remember the full story of the William Sonoma Cookie press, the saga begins in July 2007 and goes on through July 2007, December 2008, and December 2008)

But the saga is now over. No more William Sonoma Cookie Press* for me!! I found a new, better cookie press that works from an even funner store, Sur la Table. The cookies came out perfectly and delicious. Very east to use! So happy!

Also, we made the goat cheese and risotto dish for dinner last night as a "reward" for me finishing my first 5K in 34 minutes. It was so delicious and creamy and perfect. But how could risotto with 8 oz. of goat cheese be bad? I'm not sure.

*Note: The cookie press on the website is considerably nice than the one I got. Maybe they figured it out?

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Gramarye said...

34 minutes? Wow. I know I couldn't make a time like that. ^_^ Thanks again for the tasty risotto!