Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I am one of the few people I know who doesn't mind passover and kosher for passover food. Sure, it's not the best thing ever and I'll take a serving of beans tossed in pasta with no hesitation right now, but in general, it's not so bad. I really enjoyed The Pedant's soup and matzah balls and made a matzah lasagna last night. It was actually fairly tasty. First, I made a fresh tomato sauce from about 5 Roma tomatoes. I chopped up some garlic and sauteed it in EVOO. Then I added the chopped tomatoes, some pepper and parve chicken soup mix for flavor and let it cook until it was kind of a soupy pomadoro. Next, I sauteed an onion in EVOO, added some chopped portobello mushroom and flavored it with salt and pepper. Since the pan was too small, I cleaned it out and sauteed a lot of baby spinach with salt. To finish it off, I threw in some balsamic to give it a punch. Then I ufgafished* the matzah, layered and added in mozzarella cheese. Sadly, the Parmesan cheese was moldy. But, it turned out to be really good! (I bet it'll be fantastic with real lasagna noodles!)

*To Wet the Matzah. I couldn't find a link to it, but my mother used the word and I'm sure it exists. Plus, it's super funny to say. Try it. Haha

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