Sunday, March 2, 2008

In my on going quest to lose weight, I recently decided to kick it up a notch (very Elzar) and not only attend Weight Watchers and exercise with The Pedant at the gym, but take classes and work with a personal trainer. She's very nice and we haven't worked out together yet, we had a consultation session (plus I went to 2 pilates-on-crack classes). In our consultation we talked about weight loss and she suggested I eat continuously throughout the day - about every 3 hours. I'm totally fine with that, since, well, I love to eat (which is perhaps the whole reason for this program in the first place). I promise not to make this blog about my weight loss (there are 3/4 of a million out there already) but I will talk about one thing: BARS. Since I work in an environment where I can't eat all the time at my desk, I have decided to eat "hideable" snacks in the AM and PM, mostly bars and such. I went to a local store to stock up and also bought many 1 and 2 point bars at WW itself. Now, these "bars" aren't the delicious granola bars of my youth (that I mostly had to trade my meager pretzels for because my mother saw right through their "nutrients" and saw their true sugary colors) but mostly Luna Bars, Cliff Bar Products, Kashi ones, WW ones and the like. I was looking for something with lots of protein but not 15 grams of fat. Also, so many of these taste like cardboard I had trouble narrowing it down to tasty ones.

Here's the low-down so far.

Weight Watchers 1 Point Bars:
Pure delight. I found the Dark Chocolate Raspberry ones are the best, but I eat them too quickly. The Chocolate Caramel are inferior, but they take a while to eat. Also, I tried the Oatmeal Raisin which aren't bad. A little less desert-y, but good.

Weight Watchers 2 Point Bars:

Not terrible. Just hard to eat 1/2 and therein lies the problem of a small snack. But the chocolate mint are like a candy bar!

Luna Bars:

Always a winner. They have a direct line into my taste buds. Granted, not low in calorie or fat, but chock-full of protein. I love, love, love the Chocolate Peppermint Stick, but decided not to get a whole bunch of them. The lemon zest, which I started with, are very tasty. Sad note: while most are 3 WW points, the nuts ones are 4. Boo. Silly nuts and their good fats.

Cliff Bars for Kids:

So Cliff Bars are for men and therefore have less chcolate flavors and more cardboard taste. Blech. But the kids bars are so far pretty tasty. The Chocolate Brownie is 2 points for the whole thing and not too cardboardy.

I also bought Kashi bars, but no verdict yet.

In the full fat category, TP and I went to a CakeLove Satellite store for desert on Friday (which is full fat, because as their sign says "Cake without fat is just bread") and was amazing. A bit dense for my taste, but the frosting was tasty.

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