Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Hole in the Wall = Good Eats

Move over The Pedant, I have a new blogger love. His name: Tyler Cowen. His rank: Economist and Foodie. His Blog: Amazing. His Write Up: Even More Amazing.

Basically, he eats at lots of restaurants and writes about it. How cool is that?! Since I'm looking for gainful employment, think he might need an assistant?

His theory is to look at restaurants from an economic point of view. He thinks there is no reason to go to a flashy restaurant and spend all the money when you can find a hole-in-the wall that's more authentic, better, and cheaper (less high rent, less glitz, different crowd). Shortly, I will take my real love (still TP, don't worry) to my blogger love's favorite places. And we will eat and enjoy!



Diana said...

Everybody is posting about food today! I was thinking about doing a series of my favorite recipes. Maybe this is the impetuous I need to start.

Diana said...

I met impetus. Not impetuous. Silly Firefox spell checker!

Sherbs said... is always fun...