Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My Fellow Alumni Raise Another Useless Fuss

At one point in time, I went to the College of William & Mary. It was okay, but Williamsburg is a dead town with basically nothing going on. There are three "bars," i.e., mediocre eating establishments with liquor licenses that are open late. They're all on the same intersection right across from George Preston Blow Memorial Hall.

One of these establishments is the College Delly (note to people who live or have lived in New York State: do not confuse this establishment with a deli). Of the three places on that block, I think I appreciate the food at the College Delly least. But my fellow alumni, who look fondly upon the dull, fetid swamp where they survived four years only through mind-expanding academics and a sense of shared tribulation with other students, have saved the Delly from becoming a Starbucks.

Whoopee. I care about as much for this as for the continuation of a ceremonial cross in the Wren building's chapel, another cause the W&M alumni are willing to go up in arms about. In fact, I think I like the Delly cause less. The addition of a Wawa to the W&M campus, with its sandwich shop, immediately improved the quality of food available at night. The College Delly was the problem.

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