Monday, August 13, 2007

Things that should be mixed, and things that should not.

Some people, desperate for something sweet despite the calorie-counting that they are doing, will make a "float" out of Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper and frozen yogurt. I am not sure that this works as well as root beer and ice cream; I suspect that the chemical differences of the two frozen confections would affect their relative bouyancies and speeds of dissolving, not to mention how the synthetic nature of Dr. Pepper with three extra adjectives might interact with any other synthetic food (in my hope to become the next Stephen Colbert, I'm going to encourage all you "Mixed Drinks" readers to go change the Wikipedia entry for Dr. Pepper so that it says that Diet Dr. Pepper and non-fat American cheese make a powerful plastic explosive).

Speaking of mixing things with yogurt, on Saturday night the Sherbs and I went to a Greek kebab restaurant which had a fabulous dip for the toasted bread and pita chips. According to what I remember from the waiter, the dip was:
  • yogurt
  • garlic
  • crushed red pepper
  • maybe lemon juice

It was super-tasty, anyway. When I have more time I'll look it up on the internet.


Sherbs said...

I think the waitress said there was also rice and cumin. I couldn't find a food network recipe, but it was tasty.

Diana said...

I was going to make a whole blog post about things that go together.
This week they are mainly:
Corn and black beans
I have made chili, quesadillas and a fabulous Rachael Ray dip.