Monday, August 6, 2007

Mambo Italiano

This was a weekend of Italian food! Molto Delicious-o!

First, on Saturday night my sister and I ate at a really nice (and expensive) Italian restaurant. Why? She received a sizable gift certificate so we decided to live it up.

Pre-first Course: Amazing bread. Mmmm
First Course - Shared: Spinach Salad with warm goat cheese. What can be better than that? And there wasn't too much dressing - it was perfect.
Second Course - Sister: Stuffed Chicken Breast with Fontina Cheese and Prosciutto. She thoroughly enjoyed it.
Second Course - Sherbs: Parpadelle with Wild Mushrooms in (I think) a wine-mushroom sauce. Oh my, it was tasty. I think the Parpadelle was a bit too long and should have been cut a bit shorter, but it was really good. And I love mushrooms....mmm...especially with pasta...
Pre-Third Course: Biscotti. The sign of a good restaurant: they bring you a pre-desert cookie.
Third Courses - Sister: Italian Cheese Cake. It wasn't the original desert she wanted, but it was good.
Third Course - Sherbs: Grilled Peach with Cream Sauce and Berries. Wow. More fruit should be grilled and served with cheese.

Although the best part of the meal was having the valet park our (economical and fuel efficient) Honda Civic far away from the other cars (Mercedes, Bentley's, Range Rovers, Escaledes (hisss....), and BMWs). Amazing.

Second, Sunday, I went to a family party upsate (meaning: Rockland County). Best part: praying the Tapenzee wouldn't fall. Mostly cause it was only supposed to last 50 years. And it's 52 years later. Oops.

Real best part: hanging out with family and eating Italian food. They had penne ala vodka and eggplant rolatini which was really good. Real, real best part: Canoli Birthday Bake. Basically, the filler icing was canoli filling. Oh man, was it amazing.

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