Thursday, August 2, 2007

Movie Roundup

Last night I saw The Simpson's Movie. And it was all it was cracked up to be.

I have not been seeing as many movies as I've been expecting to see this summer, but I've seen a lot. Still left to see:

I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry
No Reservations
Evan Almighty
The Ten
The Nanny Diaries

And added to the original summer list: I kinda want to see Superbad. It looks fairly amusing.

Also, in other news, 100 calorie bars are more delicious than I would have expected.


Annie said...

I loved the 100 calorie snack packs until I realized that they aren't kosher. Now I stare at them mournfully, as they sit in my office... taunting me with their deliciousness.

Sherbs said...

Really? That makes no sense? They should be kosher. Once Oreos became kosher, they should have no excuse. Bummer.

Diana said...

I saw Hairspray AND Harry Potter yesterday - Wacky Wednesday in my hood. But next on my summer movie list is The Simpsons Movie.