Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Assorted Yucks

According to the blog Slashfood, Paula Deen advocates sandwiching industrial canned cranberry sauce around a mix of hot sauce, mayonnaise, and cream cheese. Paula Deen has officially one-upped all who would parody her cooking as fried butter in lard.

Went to a Lebanese restaurant last night; the Sherbs and I thought it was nice, but one of us got sick afterwards, so there won't be a review from me.


The sister said...

I love how she has actually started to serve Turducken as her holiday bird. Wow. I always thought that it was a joke food.

Apparently not to Paula Dean.

The Pedant said...

I heard (and I think this is from Alton Brown, so credit it as you will) that "turducken" and such have a long history as medieval fare, where cooks would just stuff smaller animals into bigger animals as a form of food entertainment, starting with mice and moving up to cows.