Tuesday, November 6, 2007


I guess it's kind of silly to say "UK blogs are making a fuss about rarebit," since the whole concept began in Wales, but the Guardian has a picture of a particularly cheesy example, with links both the Guardian's own rarebit and a UK foodblogger's attempt at same (with delicious pictures).

The rarebit recipe looks pretty darned tasty, especially on some brown bread. I wonder how it would go with canned brown bread, a food I have not eaten since childhood. It was awesome in its 50's-style futurism; the bread is a cylinder, because it's in a can! It lasts forever! It tastes vaguely sweet and metallic!

Also, smaller rounds mean more servings, or for use in our home tasting menu.


Niamheen said...

Ah yes, and to complicate it further, I am Irish ;-)

Niamh, http://www.eatlikeagirl.com

Niamheen said...

And thanks for the kind words :-)

It has been such a long day... apologies for not mentioning in the first comment!