Monday, November 12, 2007

Food, Cookies, Dogs...Oh My!

OK, so I did promise The Pedant I'd blog, but my computer is very, very sick and TP's computer doesn't like me, but luckily I live in a fancy schmancy building with an internet cafe.

So, food wise, I will contribute information about the fantastic dinner TP and I had Sudnay night:

Raosted Garlic Bread
Cheese (Cheddar, Swiss, Gouda, Havarti)
Green Apple

It was amazing, although today my stumach is telling me "no more lactose! Stop it!! I want a break!"

Also, part of the amazingness was that we dined in the middle of The Next Iron Chef Marathon, culminating in the win of my favorite, Michael Symon. Very happy. Also, I finally got to see the DeLaurentiis/Ray battle, further proving I love Rachel Ray.

In non-food news, I volunteered this weekend with BREW and got to play with the world's second sweetest beagle, Prince (last one on the page). He was a cutie. I also was dog sitting in DC which was fun for a dog lover like me.

Food news: Jello 60 Calorie Pudding Cups, Chocolate Mint Fudge (or something), fairly tastey, but not quite minty enough.

Tomorrow I begin a new job with a cafeteria. I'll see if they have cookies.


Annie said...

How do you know who to root for in a Flay/DeLaurentis vs Batali/Ray battle?

I think that Rachel Ray was MADE for Iron Chef, but I also love Bobby Flay! Oh no!

The Pedant said...

I am always against Giada DeLaurentis. I think that makes it easier. She cheats in the show with lots of jump cuts (in case she screws up the preparation) and acts like a total ditz on her restaurant show.

I'd pay to see her challenge Guy Fieri on Iron Chef, too.