Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Immature Snickering Will Live Forever!

Two big announcements:

1)  I am blogging this from the Sherbs and my new iMac!  Fear its mighty 20" screen and being far cheaper than the equivalent Vaio we looked at!  

I did not yet get an iTouch, but I likely shall, because the name is mildly dirty and every time someone buys an Apple musical device, Steve Jobs gets his wings.  He's like some sort of über seraph now.  

2) We saw Beowulf in 3D tonight, which was not exactly worth the extra for the 3D experience; getting a sword pointing right at your nose three times is not really "3D."  Neil Gaiman saved the story so the movie was not super-stupid; instead, it was mildly better than the Thirteenth Warrior.

Having previously seen a painfully not-campy production called Beowulf: The Rock Musical, the refrain of which has Beowulf singing, "my song shall live forever," the Sherbs and I could not help but snicker childishly in this movie every time someone told Beowulf how long his song would last.

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