Monday, January 14, 2008

From Africa to Mexico in 4 hours

I agree with The Pedant's assessment of Ethiopian food. It was only my second time eating it (at the same place, and according to TP's father who happens to know a bit about Ethiopia, it's a good and famous place) and it was super tasty. Basically, any excuse to eat with my hands I'll take! And the injera is relatively healthy! (WW: 1 point for 1 roll!)

In addition to the good Ethiopian food, we came home and watched my new Netflix movie, Like Water for Chocolate. I had read the book over the summer and thought, while mildly depressing, ti was a really well-written and interesting love story. The book was written in a calendrical form, each month beginning with a recipe. Lots of food was made/described/eaten in the book. The movie also proved to do that. In fact, half way through, TP and I needed to eat some Chocolate from Quebec City because, while we were full, it's the kind of movie you need to eat while watching.

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