Tuesday, January 22, 2008

J'Suis Batman!

In short, I agree with The Pedant's assessments of both the Count of Monte Cristos and the Ethiopian food. I will elaborate and also comment on last nights dinner rather than working.

1) Counts of Monte Cristo

Although TP really got to the core of what we both thought of the movies (mostly Gerard Depardieu is batman and Jacabo said "bam bam bam bam bam"), I would stress that they each are just silly. I mean, even the French one with its elaborate scenery is still just Depardieu being batman.

2) Ethiopian Food

Near us, there is a block of restaurants where the Ethiopian place was located. (It was super tasty. TP got it right. And cheap! Under $20pp! And fun! I get to eat with my hands! Hooray!) We decided, except for the Subway, the main criteria is that all the cuisines must be from a peninsula. There are 2 Thai places, several Italian, the Ethiopian and Eritrean.

Speaking of countries, our new book purchase is AMAZING. So funny!

3) Dinner Last Night

I made, in the slow cooker, a Mushroom and Green Bean Strogonoff. It was:

--mushrooms browned in a bit of oil (added at the end)
--an onion and pepper sauteed and some flour added
--tomato paste
--"chicken" (from parve chickens) broth
--green beans
--sour cream

You cook it all (minus the mushrooms and sour cream) in the crock pot and let the tastes mix together. You stir in the sour cream at the end and it gets all creamy and tasty. We had it over whole wheat spaghetti and not only was it healthy, it was amazingly delicious.

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