Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Morning Concepts

Honestly, despite my capitalism-loving neoconservative outside, I should have been born French (and not just because I wouldn't mind working only thirty-five hours a week).

It's also because, even though I rush too much in the morning to do it (I guess I could wake up earlier, but that would ruin my wonderful quality of sleep), I was thinking on the way to work that what I'd really like for breakfast is a plate of sliced crunchy fruits and an assortment of cheeses. Some Fuji apples, some pears, maybe even some jicama, and then some edam, muenster, and maybe gouda cheese.

Not grapes. I really can't eat grapes unless they are chilled and crisp, and not wrinkly at all. I have a total OCD thing about grapes.


Annie said...

I also have that OCD thing about grapes. We must be related.

Also, my ideal breakfast is Israeli: salad, soft cheese, pita, hard boiled egg, and milky. Mmm.

Sherbs said...

What? No splenda made pastires? Chocolate spread? What is this!?!

Your breakfasts stink. Like the smelly cheeses associated with them

Aunt L. said...

I hate to disillusion you, but the French generally eat buttered baguette, with or without jam, and coffee, with or without milk, for breakfast. And that's it. No fruit, no juice, no protein source.