Friday, June 15, 2007

Summer Movie Recap I and Books

This is a two-part post.

Part the First: Movie Recap

I saw Knocked Up (re: movie post). It was amazing. Perhaps now the world will realize the true beauty of geeky, sweet, well-meaning, slightly overweight, curly-haired, sweet Nice Jewish Boys (NJBs). Perhaps the best line in the movie:
Tall Pretty Blond Shiksa: I like your [curly] hair! Do you use any products?
NJB: No. It's just Jew.

It was even more fun to see Smel, Stoner and El.

Part the Second: Books

Both The Pedant and I are avid readers. We often talk about our respective commutes as boring, but a good excuse to read. Annie already talked about the books she wants to read this summer, so perhaps I will also.

I just spent a good 30 minutes going through the only paper worth reading to decide which books to request at the public library. I then had another page open to request such books.

I just started Marjorie Morningstar by Herman Wouk last night and am loving it. My mother has been telling me I should read it for the past 6 or 7 years, when the area in question became a part of my life, but I ignored her. Foolish me! It's great! I really want to get a time machine and live in NYC in the 1950s. It seems so glamorous. And I love Marsha.

Yesterday I also finished The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls. It was also wonderful. It made me appreciate my flip outs and be glad my parents aren't crazy. Highly recommend.

Next up: Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison, and then Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld.


Diana said...

Did you join Goodreads also?

Sherbs said...

I did, but I'm not the world's biggest fan of it. I've updated, but just don't care. For about a week I was in a competition with The Pedant but I gave up with that because he reads faster than I do. But the idea of goodreads is fun.

Diana said...

What kind of competition?

Sherbs said...

You see, Diana, I'm a competitive person, but only where it doesn't matter (i.e., not in sports or school, but with myself, family members, friends, etc.). So I had a competition with TP of who could read more books and list it on goodreads. Only problem is, TP reads faster than I do and therefore, eventually I will loose. And since I am only competitive when I know I will win (i.e., I can eat more than X, I can read more than Y, I can get a better grade than Z) I gave up.

Yes, my competitive side is weak.

Diana said...

My competition would involve racking ones brain to try to remember all of the books I've ever read and then adding them to Goodreads.

Diana said...

And maybe a little cheating.

Anonymous said...

Please skip Prep - it is highly depressing - and as one friend who also read it summed - you feel no empathy for the main character. At the end, you just want to slap her silly or smack her upside of the head.