Monday, June 18, 2007

Square Patties

It seems that the product of fast food tycoon and orphan cause philanthropist Dave Thomas may not long survive him; Wendy's is considering selling itself due to poor earnings.

I'm of two minds about this. On one hand, Wendy's makes some of the better-quality burgers out there, even on their dollar menu. Also: chili on the dollar menu.

However, Wendy's has long tried my patience by making up words for seemingly no apparent reason. They called their Frosty® beverages "soquids" because they were part liquid and part solid, instead of calling them colloids or suspensions, the more chemically accurate (and less gratingly inane) terms. Click here for a link that agrees with me. They make "Frescata®" sandwiches on ciabatta bread, despite the fact that "Frescata" is not a word, does not in fact describe ciabatta or any sort of sandwich, and, to some ears, sounds like a Fresca smoothie.

Apparently, Frescata was keeping Wendy's going last year, as nobody was buying the $1 junior bacon cheeseburgers, which is a sad expression of our misplaced values.

Also, why is edamame in everything now? They're just soybeans.

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