Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Who Moos?

Last night for supper, The Pedant joined in a family ritual: Israeli food and guessing how many falafel balls my dad can eat. He wasn't supposed to witness this top-secret event (which takes place a few times a decade) but thanks to a weather-related problem, he witnessed it.

My mother had decided to get humus from Costco, so we needed to eat it around a meal, which is exactly what we did. We supplemented it with falafel, Moroccan eggplant, Israeli Salad, tabouli and an assortment of pickles and olives (only the 2 former I enjoy...). Then, my mom made a really tasty cold minted pea soup, which was tasty and green!

Dinner of Israeli food = good
My dad eating 8-10 falafel balls = normal (!!)
Lunch of leftover humus and Moroccan Eggplant = AMAZING

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Paul Smith said...

I wanna try some Israeli food