Friday, June 1, 2007

Ok, it's time. The last few weeks have been increasingly boring, and I'm sure our small readership has plummeted to an even smaller number due to the heavier work loads of your amazing bloggers. So I will give you a subject everyone adores:


I personally love chocolate martinis. Why? Because it's a great deal of alcohol that doesn't taste at all like alcohol. And it's absurdly sweet, which is a qualifier for anything yummy to go in my tummy. I also recently had a tasty variation.

Recently I have been visiting many, many places in order to host a very fancy and classy (because that's the only way TP and I roll) affair and the new fad: Martini Bars. I have no problem with this idea, and am quite looking forward to it. However, I wonder about the recent fascination with Martinis. Could it be a relatively new fad of having Cosmos because of Sex and the City? Could it be the crazy variations of the types of liquor you could put in it? Could it be the super fancy and spill-prone glasses they are in?

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