Monday, June 11, 2007

Registration Time, Come On!

So the Sherbs and I are registering for things for an upcoming wedding in which we are both involved. We decided, through consultation with the elders of our tribe, to register at Bed, Bath, and Beyond (which I always like to say as if I'm Buzz Lightyear, and you should too, because I'm an awesome trend-setter like that) and Fortunoff's.

NOTE: If in the super-unlikely chance the mood is hitting you right now to buy us stuff, please wait about a week. We're still cleaning up redundancies between the two lists and you could end up getting something at one location when we really wanted something off the other list at the other location.

Anyway, Bed, Bath, and Beyond, despite being a very good store, has a sadistic registry process. If you look online, everything that's cool has been discontinued. At the store, most of the stuff is okay, although the hand-held registry scanner made a number of disturbing "limited issue" warnings during my scanning. At Fortunoff's, things that are going out have little stickers that tell you not to register. Also, those things tend to be crystal American flag salt and pepper shakers.

Which brings me to my second topic: LladrĂ³ figurines. Basically, they're the highest class of porcelain statuettes; the upper-class version of those figurines of angels protecting firefighters that Chesapeake Knife and Tool used to sell along with movie replica swords before (unsurprisingly) going out of business. While most of them are of Thomas Hardy-era pastoral scenes (through the madding porcelain crowd) or of people getting married, or of Jesus, there's also a large number of naked women in porcelain.

Who is filling their houses with porcelain statuettes of naked women? It's one thing when they're, you know, vintage. But, since the end of the pin-up, it's just kind of creepy.

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