Sunday, December 9, 2007

Going Through the Archives

I'm a big fan of Google Reader, but one of the big problems with having all the useful features of RSS aggregation is that, if I want to comment about something, instead of merely sharing the LOLcat or missive from America's Beef Producers in the little widget box on the right, I have to "star" it and remember to look into my "starred items" folder later.

Which I don't do often enough.

Anyway, this will be the first in hopefully a series of posts where I clear out all the stuff I've been telling myself I'd blog about but haven't really.

I am Jewish, therefore I blog about latkes. Haven't eaten any this season, because everyone around me is afraid of the demon fat and will not fry.


Anonymous said...

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montana urban legend said...

I used Google Reader for about a week and then came across a post (or thereabouts) that detailed the many other such services/products that either exist currently or are in development to provide some serious competition to the Reader. The one I really liked and ended up using to this day is Pageflakes. It has a really nice, visual layout that sections the page into whatever format you want for separating feeds - and the feeds don't just warp into one big single feed but remained sectioned so that you can check out what's new in each blog/feed according to the section in which you've placed it - almost like a newspaper whose articles keep updating in the same sections. Plus you can add other cool features, artsy stuff like digital fish swimming in a section, a section for weather and what's new in town - whatever you want. The sections for each feed also retain the "look and feel" somewhat of the feed source and the page opens up directly to your own personalized version as soon as you direct to the site. It's cool.